Young Thomas working in his shopThomas Cole's fascination with beautiful wood began when he was a teen in the Ozarks. His duties at his father's sawmill included stacking the freshly sawn lumber. As he worked he often found himself imagining the furniture those boards could one day be crafted into. He began collecting some of the special boards and stacking them in the barn to dry. When the boards were ready he used them to make small pieces of furniture, most of which were given away as Christmas, birthday, or wedding presents.

Thomas ColeIn his twenties Tom worked as a musician specializing in various stringed instruments. However, he realized he couldn't stay away from woodworking for long. He found a job working with a third generation master carpenter. This carpenter taught Tom to "stick build" the kitchen and bath cabinetry in the custom homes they were building. They would set up their woodworking tools right there in the client's home and after they finished building the cabinets they would stain and finish them right there on site - A far cry from the 4,200 square foot shop and the pro tools Tom now enjoys!

Woodworking ShopThomas's next 20 years were spent as a cabinetmaker working in two local production shops that specialize in design, custom cabinetry, and in all types of woodworking. In 1998, Tom started his custom woodworking business.

Since then he has been blessed with great customers and plenty of interesting projects. A good part of his work comes from repeat business and from word of mouth referrals because of a reputation for quality and attention to detail.

A quote from Thomas Cole, "I get great enjoyment out of creating something of lasting beauty....and from giving people more than they expect."